What can we do during CORONAVIRUS COVID–19 shutdown?

The coronavirus COVID-19 is spreading like fire all over the world. Within a short span of time, huge numbers of positive coronavirus cases have been reported in many developed/developing countries. There are roughly 148,051 cases all over the world that are affected by the coronavirus outbreak. Out of all, 5,543 are death & 72,572 are still recovering. Check the live update here.

The COIVD – 19 coronavirus is deadly and the doctors are unable to find the cure yet. People are scared to move out of their house and prefer staying indoors for a while. The government decided to take precautionary measures by shutting down schools, colleges, malls, theaters, providing work from home facilities for offices, etc.

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Maybe for a short span of time, this shutdown will leave us with no other option, but to stay at home. This time can be profitable for us if we utilize it by being productive rather than Netflix & Chilling.

In this article, I’ll share a few tips on how we can make the best use out of this coronavirus shutdown phase even after being at our home. All you need is a mobile/laptop and a good internet connection.

How to utilize our time during coronavirus COVID-19 shutdown?

The article is written from two perspectives –

1) The Student/employee/freelancers’ point of view.

2) The Business point of view

1.Student/Employee/Freelancers’ Perspective –

We usually waste our holidays or free time watching shows, movies, chilling, or playing games online. If we can have control over our urge to waste our time on such things online and instead, start spending the same amount of time in polishing our skills or learning a new skill set that can help us grow in the future; we can truly gain a lot from this shutdown phase.

Firstly, Make a List of those things which you love to do but you couldn’t do it because you had no time earlier. Try to include those things too which are important but were pending on you for long.

It can be cooking a new dish, painting, dancing, singing, playing musical instruments, writing poems, reading a book, calling your NRI friend, starting a blog, investing your money, etc.

Once the list is ready, try to complete a maximum of them and reward yourself after each work you do. Post doing this, you will be still left with ample of time, where to invest that?

Learn a new skill or polish your existing skills. If you had very few items in your to-do list, try picking up a skill that you are passionate about and start gathering information about the same on YouTube, Wikipedia, or any other online source.

Start spending time working on your skills and if you don’t have one (very rare case) then research about a few things you like and pick one of them to start with. The more skills you have, the more confident you will feel.

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The aim should be clear – to be productive at our work.

If you are an employee, you can improve the skill required in your work area. If you want to prepare for an interview, search for tips to crack an interview. If you want to start a blog, search for how to start a blog in 2020. If you want to increase your following on social media, search for the topic online.

There are plenty of resources available online. Almost every topic has a video or written content online. You can learn any skill you want to learn just by sitting at your home. Why not utilize such information and make an income out of it?

Also, just learning, learning & learning won’t help if you don’t apply what you have learned. Our brain can only grasp new information up to some extent. So make sure you are practicing what you are learning.

If you are a freelancer, try to search more on the topics that can add value to your field. If you wish to become a freelancer in the Digital Marketing field, the GOLDEN CHARIOT MARKETING is hiring freelancers. You can contact them here.

2. Business Perspective –

Due to this shutdown, the maximum public will be locking up themselves in their house and will be stepping out only for buying necessary stuff. This will affect the businesses which are offline i.e. the market sellers on the streets.

The only business which won’t get affected by this will be the online market. This is the correct time to expand your business online. Get a website and start spreading your brand all over the world.

Research more about the topics of your interest and start a small online business around it. Roughly 7 billion searches happen on Google every day. You will have a wide number of the public from all over the world visiting your website and enquiring about your services.

Every business starts with an idea. Try implementing the wild ideas you got and get a few people to join you in your business. You can connect with me on social media to share the idea if you want. Maybe we can collaborate.

If you are already on the online platform and struggling to be a hit, try investing more of your time in researching on topics that can help to grow your business. If you still can’t, you can hire a digital marketing company to do SEO, Content Writing, and Online Campaigns for your Business. The one I suggest here is The GOLDEN CHARIOT MARKET. Check their work here.

A benefit of coronavirus shutdown

Our lives are moving at a faster speed, where we might have no time left to spend it with our family. Following the same routine every day, rushing for work, having food, coming home and then falling asleep, leave us with almost no time for ourselves or our families. Due to this coronavirus covid-19 shut down, people will be spending more of the time indoors with their loved ones and hopefully on themselves too.

You can now have the time to take care of yourself. Spend some of your time to look at those bright shiny eyes you got, the perfect eyebrows, the silky/curly hairs and the beautiful smile on your face. Damn your smile can leave the happy sonu behind 😉 (the zomato delivery guy meme)

happy sonu zomato guy


Although we keep complaining about having no time to do anything, I think we have a lot of time to do the things which we like. We choose to give priorities to other non-important things.

It’s not only about the coronavirus shutdown phase; this productive attitude should be applied to your overall routine to get the best out of you.

This article doesn’t promote any views against the spread of coronavirus or any fake news related to the COIVD – 19. Take the necessary precautions and be alert about the spread. I am not an expert/advisory in this field. Read Disclaimer.

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