This One Thing Can Improve Your Personality

What is personality? Why is it important to improve your personality?

Your personality includes the way you talk, communicate, dress, style, and the way you carry yourself.

Your personality is your BRAND.

Improving your Personality will improve your Brand.

Now, you decide what is your BRAND VALUE. You decide how much value you are willing to add to your brand.

Focus on building your Brand to improve your personality.

For example – If you receive gifts in below two covers, which one will you choose?

Good Personality image

Of course, the one on the right. Why did you choose the box on the right side? Because it is packed properly, is well maintained and it looks stylish. This is how people look at you and make assumptions on the basis of your looks.

That’s the easiest way to define personality. Every person in the world is a box and the way we cover-up our box makes us unique and identifiable.

A healthy body and good communication skills add more value to your personality.

Going forward, the first thing you need to know is, the “Be yourself” quote doesn’t work always. You have to change and stand out to prove yourself.

This doesn’t mean that you have to be fake or something, but you have to learn from the best and adapt that change to bring in a positive personality.

Every person requires to change as per the situation. You cannot stay consistent.

The people coming from middle-class families have changed their attitudes and behavior to become phenomenally successful entrepreneurs.

They always look for opportunities to be better persons in life.

Before coming to that ONE thing that can help to Improve your Personality, I would like to ask you a question.

What do people notice first?

Neil (an imaginary guy) went to his ex-girlfriend’s birthday party. There he met her new boyfriend, Charles (another imaginary guy). A homeowner, entrepreneur, food connoisseur, all the ‘-eurs’! A self-made man! He’s got his life together, like a real adult.

Who is Neil? A 25-year-old guy living like an 18-year-old for 5 years now. He’s late on rents, his voice mails are unanswered, his style’s expired, his food’s expired.

Some of us are like Neil. We don’t really care about ourselves and just keep going with the flow. But that’s not how life works.

Things such as our health, behavior, and time are in our control. We decide whether to utilize it or waste it.

We decide to eat fried and cheezy rather than eating healthy on weekends. Shouting at a random stranger who pushed us as the metro was crowded is our decision. We choose to Netflix and chill instead of spending time with our family.

We cannot blame Neil’s ex-girlfriend who ditched him and went away with another guy. Instead, we can resolve the mess in our lives and be like the guy who deserves to get the girl.

What’s the easiest way to be like Charles?

The major criteria to be like Charles is building great confidence to interact with people. Maybe some years back he was just like Neil, but he willingly adapted that change to be like “The Charles”.

Well, if he can, even you can, and I know what ONE thing you can do to be confident. Before that I want you to –

Do this activity NOW!!

If you are reading this in an abrupt posture, just spare a few seconds and sit straight with your chin positioning upright, shoulders at the back, develop a proper straight posture and say to yourself – I AM AMAZING & EVERYONE LOVES ME. (you can also add this creepy pickup line if you want – It’s just AWESO, without ME)

So now that you did the above the activity, you are ready to read the remaining article.

You might have instantly felt your confidence level go up if you followed the above. Developing a good posture and being positive about yourself will help feel good and will boost your confidence.

Straight posture makes you feel like a Leader and Think Important.

If you start feeling important and start giving value to yourself, people near you will also give you importance. This will directly increase your confidence and BRAND VALUE which we talked about in the introduction.

We are better than what we think we are. We often underestimate ourselves by thinking inferior. So our body tends to adapt an abrupt posture, giving us HINTS that we cannot do better and let’s just sit back and relax.

Hence, we always end up being like Neil.

Learn to decode the hints which your body is giving you.

Siting and walking in a correct posture will help you act like a leader and achieve control over things that weren’t in control before.

Your thinking determines the way you act, and the way you act determines your future.

Such a simple thing to improve –Your Posture.

How to Improve your Posture/Personality?

Improved Posture will automatically improve your Personality and Self-Esteem.

Here are a few things that help me to achieve a straight posture.

1. Exercise – Believe me or not, this is the first thing on my list. I am such a lazy person to start exercising, but as soon as I realized that my posture is the reason behind low confidence & self-esteem, I started doing arms & shoulders exercise to achieve the perfect look. Doing 2-3 exercises for just 5 minutes a day helped me achieve the straight posture I desired for.

2. Take rest at frequent intervals – I had a desk job and my computer wasn’t aligned at my eye level. I searched – How to sit in front of a computer correctly. I followed all the steps and took breaks after 20 min to stretch my shoulders.

3. Stand touching your back on the wall – This is a part of the exercise. Straight posture can be achieved if there is some straight thing attached behind your back for a while. Refer to the pic below.

man standing straight with good personality

4. Posture corrector Tracker – Yes! There is equipment that can help you track your posture & correct it when it’s not positioned straight. The smart posture corrector tracker easily sticks at the end of your neck and vibrates when you’re sitting in a wrong posture. One of the best products I have ever seen. Check the price by clicking on the Buy on Amazon button & the tutorial for the same below.

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If you find it too expensive, you can try the Caresmith Advanced Posture Corrector for Men & Women. It can be easily worn on your Tshirt/Shirt. Also, the product is unisex – can be used by both men & women.

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These little things make a great impact on our health and mentality.

Notice the difference when you start implementing this technique.

Next time when you go for an important interview or meet someone special for the first time, make sure that your posture is correct and straight.

Because your PERSONALITY SPEAKS when your mouth doesn’t.


The first thing people notice about you is your confidence, the way you talk and greet people. Good looks appeal to the eye, but a good personality steals the heart.

A good posture will help you achieve great personality, boost your confidence and build your brand. Although there are multiple factors that add more value to your personality, the confident person will always win in all situations.

So throw your shoulders back, lift your head up, communicate to people and feel the self-confidence grow.

Who are you?

Who are you? Neil or Charles? If you think you are Neil, then are you ready to change and be like Charles? If you are like Charles, how did you become one?

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