5 Genuine ways to make a Long-Lasting Impression under 5 mins

Do you have an interview to crack? Do you want to impress an important client in a meeting? Are you meeting your girlfriend’s family for the first time? We all want success in every aspect of our lives and want to hear a big YES from the opposite person.

How to make a long-lasting impression on anyone under 5 minutes? In this article, we will go through 5 easy ways to make a long-lasting impression on anyone under a short time frame of 5 minutes.

5 minutes are more than enough to make your first impression. People make a judgment about you within 7 seconds of meeting you. This judgment can be changed within 5 minutes of the overall conversation. This means that you have a time frame of 7 seconds-5 minutes to make a long-lasting impression.

The first 7 seconds are very crucial. In such a short time, only the word “Hello” can be spoken with a confident smile. Below are the 5 things you can do to make your first impression long-lasting and rememberable. I assure that you will always hear YES after applying these tactics.

Read the conclusion part to know the summary of the article.

1. Steal the deal with a Smile

Your smile is the first thing that people notice about you. It’s the only curve that sets everything straight. 48% of the Americans feel that smile is the most memorable feature of your face. A broad and cheerful smile shows that you are genuinely interested in knowing the other person.

Your smile is the biggest weapon against a dull conversation. You can turn the tables on your side and steal the deal by just giving a cheerful smile.

Imagine you’re getting back from a hectic day at work and you see a small baby smiling at you. I bet you would be overwhelmed by the small gesture of this kid. This is what a smile can do to anyone. A smiling face spreads positive energy and relieves your mental stress.

If you still doubt on this, remember these two guys got incidentally famous just by their smile 😉

Yao Ming smiling face

Note – Make sure your smile makes the other person feel comfortable and not awkward. Make it a genuine one and do not fake it.

2. Stay Confident

make a long lasting impression by improving confidence

Confidence is about accepting who you are and being proud of it. It about how you carry yourself even when you have acne on your face.

“Confidence isn’t walking into a room thinking you are better than everyone, it’s walking in not having to compare yourself to anyone at all”

– Unknown

You have to live beyond doubting yourself. You are better than you think you are. Give yourself a chance to perform well and trust your inner instinct. It’s you and only you who can motivative yourself to do well. Remember, it’s all about the mindset you adopt.

You can perform a few tasks to feel motivated and confident while you are on your way to an interview/work/meeting/etc:

  1. Compliment a stranger on your way to feel more confident.
  2. Ask yourself why do you want to hear a Yes from the other person.
  3. Believe in yourself & imagine that you will succeed in whatever you are heading for. Adapt a confident mindset.
  4. Give a pep talk & fill yourself with positive thoughts.
  5. Do one thing that clams you down – I keep my hand on my heart and say – All is well & you can do it.

Apart from all these above, you can add many other things that you like. One tip to always stay confident is by adapting good body language i.e. Good Posture. Your mind is tricked to stay alert and confident if you walk with a straight posture.

Check out a detailed article on how you can improve your posture which can indirectly improve your personality too.

3. Introduce your Name loud and clear

how to make a long lasting impress

How would you feel when someone pronounces your name incorrectly? No matter how great the person is, in your mind, you will always feel like killing him. Everyone loves to be addressed by their first name with the correct pronunciation.

Your name is your identity. Say it clearly and feel proud of it. Talk to the other by saying their name clearly too. Make sure you get the pronunciation of their names right. Talking to the other person by addressing their name adds a sense of connectivity.

Do you know why Starbucks is so famous? It started when cafes were mainstream, but one thing which made them unique was writing their customer’s names on the coffee cup. Right after they made this change in their marketing technique, the sales of the company increased.

This established an emotional connection between the customers and the company. The customers now feel important that the company addresses their name on the coffee cup. For Starbucks, it might be a marketing technique, but for you, it’s a lesson to be learned.

Read this article by marketing weeks on what made Starbucks write the names of their customers on the coffee mug.


4. Prepare before you go

Prepare to impress anyone

Hope for the Best and Prepare for the worst. There is pressure on you to impress the other person under 5 minutes. You cannot take risk of going unprepared.

Prepare your speech or one liner introduction, speak in front of a mirror, and give yourself a pep talk. Watch your expressions, smile, and body language in front of the mirror. In this way, you can track your preparation, make few changes on it and establish a long-lasting impression on anyone you want to.

Being prepared increases your confidence and ability to perform your best. Being well prepared means completing 60% of your task.

“It’s better to be prepared for an opportunity and not have one than to have an opportunity and not to be prepared”

– Les Brown

5. Dress Well

What will you notice in a person within 7 seconds of the meeting? Their overall appearance and smile. Always dress well for important meetings, dates, interviews or parties.

dress well to impress anyone under 5 min

Ever felt like not attending a family gathering or say a family wedding? I have felt that many times. But the moment I dress up for the wedding, I feel like moving out of the house and showing people how beautiful I look in that dress. The dress makes me feel confident and energetic to move to the dance floor.

The same happens when you watch a bride getting ready for her marriage. Even by looking at such stuff, you will feel like getting married (for few moments though). Why is it so? Our mind is crafted that way. Even if you’re not in a mood to dance, you will feel like hitting a few Thumkas in your Ghagra.

Our attire has the power to light up our mood. Dressing well leaves a good impression on people.

“Dress like you Own the Bank, not like you need a Loan from it.”

– Louis Raphael

If you still think dressing well won’t help you to make a long-lasting impression under 5 minutes, check out 7 scientifically proven benefits of dressing well. A video by Mantelligence Style


So that you stayed with me till the end, here is a bonus tip for you.

6. Experiment

Yeah, that’s right! Old school techniques don’t work nowadays. You need to experiment on what works and what doesn’t. You have to check for what truly helps you to mark your impression on people.

Start with smaller parts first. Meet people who are not connected with the main event. As in, if you are going for a date and want to impress the girl, meet your female friend first and try to impress her with the tactics (don’t be creepy, else you will lose a friend).

See what works on her. She might help you with more suggestions. Experiment the tactics and see what actually gives the best result and what is a crap.


Impressing someone is easy if you apply the right method. If you’re starting with something, start with a positive belief that you will succeed in it.

Also, I agree that we always want to hear a Yes from the other person but it’s okay to receive a No sometimes.

If we learn to say No, we should also learn to accept a No. Be proud that you genuinely took efforts to impress someone. Forget about the rejection because all things can’t be under your control.

One question for you. Were you able to impress anyone under 5 minutes by using any of the techniques mentioned above? Comment down below if you did because your appreciation will make my day!

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