Ten Tricks to Always Stay Mentally Active & Alert

Are you struggling to fight your laziness and move your butt to grab the remote nearby? Do you feel tired and sleepy almost all the time, be it a working day or a holiday? Are you fed up of your lazy ass and want to move and take action? Congrats! you’re on the right page. I’ll tell you how you can stay mentally active & alert for most of your time.

Let us learn step by step on how to stay mentally active all day long and how to develop an alert mind.

The number one reason for being lazy is not willing to do any kind of work. Clicking on this link states that you are willing and searching for ways to keep your mind active.

So, Congrats! You are on the right page. Let’s get to know how you can turn your lazy ass to be kick-ass.

This article is a detailed one, therefore I have added a table of content for better reference. Also, read the conclusion to know the summary of the article.

1.  Walk fast

It seems weird at first, but yes, walking fast actually helps you to stay active. I’ll tell you how.

Honestly, I was super lazy to even take a bath on weekends. I had to drag myself to take a shower. Even on weekdays, (I have a desk job so bear with few office examples) I got so bored at my workplace that I felt drowsy all the time.

I used to get up late, rush for office, feel lazy at work, get back home, watch TV and go to bed late. This became a routine.

One day I read somewhere (just as you are reading it here) that walking faster than your actual speed helps you to stay active and fit. I thought of giving it a try and this worked.

The next time I felt lazy or bored with something, I used to go for a walk and made sure that I was walking a bit faster than my actual speed.

I also started tracking my steps. I set a goal to complete 10,000 steps per day or at least an average of 5,000 steps per month. Below are the stats of my step counts in the month of August.

fitness tracker

Psychologists say that changing the speed of your movement by walking 2x times faster can make you feel active, confident and more alive. 

Your walk defines the way you think. The better you walk, the better your mind thinks. Average people have an average walk. So don’t be average – at least in walking 😉

Not only walking fast but doing most of your chores faster than your normal speed can help you improve your efficiency. But how can you do your chores when you are lazy AF? Well, read point 2 to know how.

2. Move your ass

Yes exactly! You read it right and that’s pretty obvious. Nobody can move it for you (unless they have some kind of fantasy or such stuff). You are responsible for wasting your time by sitting back and relaxing.

One thing which can help you to move and take action is Realization – Realizing the value of time. I’ll tell my moment of realization.

Back then when I had a routine of getting up late, I and one of my colleagues were traveling in a rickshaw which was stuck at the signal for long. We were conversing about the traffic and then she asked me “How long have you been traveling through this route?” I said – “More than a year now.”

And the moment I said this, my mind flashed back to the past year. I was like – WTF! I have been doing this for one year now! Traveling through the same route, sitting at the same place, seeing the same people around me for more than a year!

What new did I do in this one year? Leave about this one year, what did I do since I graduated?

So many questions popped up in my mind and I decided that I am not going to sit back and waste another year like this.

I made up my mind to adopt a healthy routine and made sure that I would stick to it. This moment helped to take action and move ahead.

I realized that time flies and someone else is working while you are enjoying. But it’s still pretty difficult to take action post realizing. Read point 3 on how you can take action.

3. Trick your mind to step out and start-up

thinking bulb

Can you go to a meeting in Denim and a casual T-Shirt? Can you attend a party in Dhoti Kurta (Indian traditional wear)? I don’t think you would say yes to any of the two questions. 

Why? Is it written somewhere to compulsorily wear Suits while attending a meeting and to wear Denim at the party?

It isn’t. Then why do we bifurcate our clothing for different occasions? It’s because our mind takes our attire seriously. If we dress up in a suit, we feel prepared, confident and ready to present the PPT. Our attire tricks our minds that way.

You need to wake up early even on your weekends, dress up well, step out and get fresh air, explore new places, meet interesting people and this way your mind will start thinking from a creative perspective.

So what are you waiting for? Get ready, grab a cup of coffee and start working on your plans.

Remember, no one ever learned anything by sitting in one place. Great things happen when you move out of your comfort zone.

4. Interact/hang out with people smarter than you

friendly interaction keeps you active

It’s a proven fact and you might have heard about it that you are the average of 4 people you stay with. So choose your company wisely.

You can’t get all the knowledge from Google, books or any other online medium. You need to know people with whom you can interact personally.

Even if you check maps to the destination you want to go, you still ask the local cab driver for the direction to your destination. Why? Because personal interaction is believed to have a better connection than the AI in Google maps.

You ask nearby localities for directions because that person knows the area better than you and so you take his advice to move forward.

This is why you should interact with people smarter than you to gain ample knowledge. Don’t make yourself feel inferior. Take that knowledge from them and start implementing it in the right way.

The plus point with you is, you have a lot of time and energy to implement that idea which they don’t.

Read – Why the 5 People around you are important for your success article by entrepreneur.com

5. Note down everything

writing notes will keep you mentally active

Every movie starts with a script. The story is written down on a paper, narrated to the producer and actor, and then it is filmed. What is the need to write it down? Because our brains tend to forget the ideas within a few seconds of its generation.

Elon Musk, Bill Gates and other successful people have stated in their interviews that they always carry a book and a pen with themselves because ideas can be clicked any time and they don’t take the risk of forgetting brilliant ideas.

Where ever you go, whatever you do, note down everything. You need to have a to-do list to track your activities, your learnings, and the accomplishments of your goals.

It is not compulsory to note down everything on paper, you can note it down on your cell phone too.

All the famous YouTubers, stand-up comedians and even the speeches of the Prime Minister are prepared in writing form first. Therefore, it would be great if you note down your ideas to make sure they are not wasted.

6. Small things first

Usually, lazy people tend to postpone their chores/work be it big or small. Start with chores that take less time. Bifurcate on the total number of tasks you have to do during the day and choose for smaller but important ones first. Then you can focus on the chores which take a longer time.

Our brain feels so good when we achieve something, be it little or big. Just like completing the tasks on your to-do list.

task manager to do list

You might have heard that it’s better to start off with the hardest thing first. I believe that starting with something which is hard to achieve will slower your ability to perform the smaller tasks on your list. You will feel tired to do those tasks which would rarely take 5-10 min to complete them.

So take the small step, appreciate your achievements, set new goals daily, and see the difference.

Also, make sure you do it according to point number 1 in the article (faster than your normal speed) so that you have more time to do the time-consuming chores.

7. Try something unique every day

We love to have options in everything. Even this article has 10 options to tell you how to stay active. Be it trying different cuisines, wearing stylish clothes, or choosing life partners, we all require options. Even our exams have MCQ’s (laughs).

Same way, we have the option to try something unique every single day. Each day, I learn something new by trying things that I haven’t tried earlier. It could be anything. Just like, I usually get down from the right side of the rickshaw, but today I got down from the left side. I always eat rice from a spoon, but the next time I’ll eat it using my fingers.

Let people call you crazy for doing such stuff. Deep inside, you know that you are learning something from it. Your mind accepts this fun activity and helps you grow within. Your brain starts hunting for unique ideas. You start to develop the ability to do one thing in many different ways.

Watch this small video by Shayamal on how to develop the brain by one simple exercise of brushing every day from a non-dominant hand.

View this post on Instagram

Welcome to Day 6: #HackYourMind Series. Today I’m going to teach you how to activate a larger portion of your brain. The human brain is an organ that improves through mental stimulation. The brain continuously adapts, grows and rewires itself through the growth of new neurons. Did you know that using your non dominant hand will strengthen neural connections in your brain, and even grow new ones. The non-dominant hand is actually linked to the non-dominant hemisphere in your brain – the one that isn’t exercised as often. When you use the non-dominant hand, both hemispheres are activated, which may result in thinking differently and becoming more creative. As Lucia Capacchione describes in her book, The Power Of Your Other Hand: A Course In Channeling The Inner Wisdom Of The Right Brain, simply writing or drawing with your non-dominant hand will fuel your imagination, inspire childlike imagery and open up parts of your personality that have long been suppressed. So what exercises can you do with your non dominant hand. – Start brushing your teeth with your non dominant hand. – Five minutes of non dominant hand writing or drawing each day. – For any athletes, I used to get them to through and catch a ball with their non dominant hand. This is one of my favourite brain hacks. Have you ever tried using your non dominant hand? What was the experience like? Leave a comment in the section below. #balancebyshayamal #mentalstrength #mindpower #mindvalley #wanderlust #cognitiveperformance #mentaltoughness #creativity #brainhealth #brainboost #tbt #QSV #QSVInspiration

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Credits to Balance by Shayamal

8. Notice your surroundings

A great way to keep your mind active is to notice every detail you see in your day and try to remember it.

Start your day with a 5-4-3-2-1 technique. This is how it is done.

Take a deep breath. Say aloud within yourself, 5 things that you can see (wall clock, fan, table, sofa, window), 4 things you can feel (cushion behind the back, arm on the sofa, newspaper, the warmth of the coffee mug in hand), 3 things you can hear (clock ticking, cooker whistle, birds chirping), 2 things you can smell (fresh air, the aroma of food) and 1 thing you can taste (taste of coffee).

Even if you are not drinking anything, there is a taste in your mouth, become aware of it.

This exercise is a more interactive way of becoming mindful in the present moment. It also treats anxiety and helps you to calm down. This way you can help your mind to stay active always and become aware of your surroundings.

9. Meditation

As lovely as it sounds, it seems as difficult to do it. Many of us hear it and still don’t do it. Meditation combined with 20 minutes of exercise can do wonders. Make sure you don’t miss your exercise routine for more than 2 days in a row.

meditate to keep your mind fit & active

Meditation helps to keep you aware of your surroundings. It keeps your mind calm and stress free to add new thoughts. All the negative energy from your body is thrown out and positive vibes are added inside your soul. It helps your mind to stay active and fresh.

Meditation doesn’t require you to sit at a specific place for long. You can do it anywhere you want. Watch this small one minute video of a Buddhist monk who shares his secret of meditation.

Meditation is easy and you can do it anytime, anywhere. Video by the way of Chi.

10. Screens Off

The maximum time we have our eyes on the screen. We sleep looking at our cell phone and we wake up looking at it.

screens off

Our subconscious mind is active while we are about to sleep and the moment we wake up. You should input good thoughts at these moments to have a healthy start to your day.

I do not recommend watching TV or mobile phone right after you wake up. The more you indulge yourself in looking into cell phones, the more you lack the creativity and power of thinking.

Set a timer to limit your usage of screens. Watch the screens in 20 minutes gap. Start stretching if you are sitting in one place for long hours watching the laptop screen.

Replace your cell phone alarm with an alarm clock, so that you don’t have to see the screen right after you wake up. Use your phone post having breakfast.


  • So that you stayed with me till the end, I have a bonus tip for you.

11. Listen to rock music

rock music keeps you to stay active & alert

This is my favorite tip of all and I do this most of the time.

Just like this dog in the picture, music lights up my mood and lifts my lazy ass.

The moment I feel lazy, I grab my earphones, play party songs and start dancing to the tune (in my mind when I am in public places).

Music can change your mood. Whenever you feel you are lacking energy, listen to some rock music that lightens up your mood and make you keep going. Music is the best medium to feel the energy in you. Play some badass raps or dance numbers to feel active.


I don’t believe that your mind can be active always. It needs rest too. But be sure that your mind runs on 50-50 basis i.e. 50% rest & 50%work (or may be 30-70). In short, the truth is, no one can be active ALL THE TIME. Our mind needs rest too.

Also, if you think you are wasting more time resting the whole day & you wish to change, then keep in mind that things take time. It’s not a one-day process that you use and expect to do wonders overnight. Start with the smaller techniques first (as I mentioned in point 5) out of the 11 points covered. Point 4 & 7 is the technique I would recommend to start off with.

Discipline yourself to maintain the routine. That’s the main step to adopt a healthy habit. Don’t push your tasks to do it the next day. Be determined to follow something you believe.

Apart from all these techniques, there are many others like – reading books, spending some me-time, giving yourself a pep talk, watching motivation videos, etc. that you can implement.

It might seem difficult to apply all the techniques at once if you want to be an active person. You can adapt to 2-3 techniques at the start which you find easy and later on focus to adopt all of them.

You can also invent your own technique to encourage yourself to perform the task you want to. Like I give myself a pep talk to get into action shoes. Also, I do this one thing to boost my confidence.

A question to you. Which of the above techniques do you think you will be implementing and did it change your life post implementing it?

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